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Gesellschaft f├╝r rechnergest├╝tzte Zusammenarbeit
Hengsttalweg 14
2734 Puchberg/Schneeberg
Austria (Europe)

ZVR-Zahl: 1519918045 *)

*) The central registry of associations in Austria (ZVR) can be queried at the address For this purpose, you need the "ZVR-Zahl"

Purpose of the Domain

This domain will provide the Web Interface of the Society for Lifelong Collaborating.

The Society for Lifelong Collaborating shall

  1. WHAT: support any ethically worthwile collaboration, preferably lifelong collaborating
  2. WHY: in order to support while growing the next generation
  3. HOW: be a non-profit organization that pays well for their dedicated resources
  4. WITH WHOM: be open to any ethically valueful kind of belief or religion

Areas of Interest

The Society for Lifelong Collaborating is interested in following topics:


The rules*) for The Society are contained in following document:


*) These rules had been confirmed by Austrian administration, before The Society was allowed to start its activities.

Dedicated Resources