Project 003 - DIS Experiments

Experiments with FreeWrl and DIS over the TVI


According to our current setup, we are striving to analyse the topic "Simple Multiuser over SIP (SMUoS)"

For this simple reason, we will start with some simple experiments, employing the FreeWrl Web3D Browser

After some initial discussions, we have defined following requirements for the usage of SIP within the area of Web3D Multiuser Scenes

*) This description is based on a use case from (citing): [...]Sure, here’s my use case:[...]

Other Use Cases

Basically, we have two options:

  1. First option: Focus on the "Sliders" use case from (see above) and elaborate it thoroughly
  2. Second option: Look for additional use cases and elaborate a greater variety of demos

As long, as I am the only active member of "The Society", I would rather GO FOR THE FIRST OPTION

This decision is the basis for the TODO List below


Christoph VALENTIN

Start Date


End Date

It's done, when it's done.

TODO List (Prioritized)

Steps (Chronologically)

  1. 2023-09-16: Installed FreeWrl on my local machine