The Society - Suggested Tools

List of Suggested Topics, Tools and Sub Topics

The Society shall endeavor to create, test and disseminate evidence-based knowledge about agreed collaboration tools.

The General Assembly will decide which specific tools will be considered for this purpose.

The following list is a partial list of topics, tools and sub topics that have been suggested for this purpose.

  1. YOUR Suggestions
    1. topic: First Dummy Topic (by xy)
    2. topic: Second Dummy Topic (by xy)
    3. topic: a.s.o.
  2. GENERAL Suggestions by Webmaster
    1. topic: Art as Collaboration Tool
      • tool: Movies
      • tool: Books
    2. topic: Communication Tools (General)
      • tool: Chat
      • tool: 3D Chat
      • tool: VR Chat
    3. topic: Command and Control Tools
      • tool: VR/AR Commando Room
  3. TELCO Related Suggestions by Webmaster
    1. topic: TelCo 2G/3G / GPRS / IMS / DIS
    2. topic: TelCo 4G/5G / MCx / X3D v3
      • tool: Integrated 3D Collaboration (Vision, Tbd.)
      • tool: SrrTrains v0.01 - Release "Fiat" (Vision, Defined)
    3. topic: TelCo 6G/7G / ??? / X3D v4