Project 001 - Founding

Founding the Society


The Society shall emerge as a person of law, in order to carry the responsibility for the resources that are necessary for and dedicated to the purpose that is defined at the Imprint.


Christoph VALENTIN

Start Date


End Date


TODO List (Prioritized)


Steps (Chronologically)


  1. On Wed 2023-05-03, in the evening, Markus and me sat together in a pub and we decided to found "The Society".
    This has been documented at
  2. On Mon 2023-05-22, we sat together again. Markus meant I should think about all the projects and undertakings I had mentioned on my blogs and on the homepage of "The Society" and I should make up my mind for the one "beloved project".
    This has been documented at
  3. On Thu 2023-06-22, at approximately 21:45, Markus and me agreed on the preliminary rules for The Society.
    Hence the society has been "errichtet" according to Austrian laws.
    This has been documented at
  4. In the late evening of the 2023-06-23, I uploaded the preliminary rules for The Society to the Imprint *)

*) Meanwhile, the preliminary rules have been replaced by the final rules


  1. On Sunday, 2023-06-25, I created the electronic (.pdf) announcement form for the announcement of "The Society" at the Austrian administration
  2. On Wednesday, 2023-06-28, I signed the announcement form
  3. On Thursday, 2023-07-06, Markus signed the announcement form
  4. On Thursday, 2023-07-06, at 22:10 CEST (UTC +2), I input the electronic announcement form (Vereinserrichtung_2023_07_06__21_56.pdf) and the agreed version of the rules (verein-statuten_v1.0.pdf) to the district authority of Neunkirchen (Lower Austria).
    The district authority confirmed the reception of the announcement: see Antrag.pdf
  5. On Thursday, 2023-07-27, the district authority sent the document about their decision, where they invite the society to commence with the association's activities ( Bescheid NKS3-V-2343/001 from 2023-07-27)
  6. On Friday, 2023-07-28, late in the evening, I updated the web site of The Society to reflect the successful ending of this project.
    Now, the "Society for Lifelong Collaborating" has been founded