Project 002 - Setup Tiny VPN Island

Setting Up the Tiny VPN Island (TVI) - III

Steps (Chronologically)

  1. 2023-07-01: Started to look up information
    • About the openVPN software
      • how to ensure security for my users?
      • how to make easy install for my users?
    • About FreeWrl
      • which OS are supported?
      • how to embed into client application for SIP?
  2. 2023-07-08: did some brush up of the TODO list (introduced status markers)
  3. 2023-07-09: renamed "Tiny VPN" -> "Tiny VPN Island"; updated the description of the Tiny VPN Island at the Common Resources Web Site
  4. 2023-07-29: deleted the external ownCloud users (FTP) and created new internal users (native ownCloud passwords), moved their data manually
  5. 2023-07-30: analysed the apache authentication/authorization and cacheing (this is a preparation for the configuration of our "Blackboard")
  6. 2023-08-01: configured the blackboard at At the time being, the blackboard is empty
  7. 2023-08-12: small editorial update of the homepage
  8. 2023-08-14: bridge day: updated JS/HTML - better flexibility of our web pages
  9. 2023-08-14: started the configuration of the Tiny VPN Island (TVI)
  10. 2023-08-20: first ideas/implementations for the "easy installation" of the VPN via ownCloud. Some README files for SOMA. First ideas for the "guest" account of ownCloud
  11. 2023-08-26: TeamSpeak3 Server installed, firewall settings for TVI-TS
  12. 2023-08-27: Update of the Home Page
  13. 2023-09-02: Create Installation Manuals (SOMA) for TVI-TS, updated other Installation Manuals (SOMA)
  14. 2023-09-10: First Test Session (see TODO List for details)
  15. 2023-10-12: Second Test Session (see TODO List for details)
  16. 2023-10-26: created demo video about basic SOMA access
  17. 2023-11-03: did first play around with ownCloud calendars, want to replace the direct access of the dummy users "vpncal" and "pcal". First result: it is better to avoid the direct access and to share the calendar with groups or users - those can be accessed by CalDAV
  18. 2023-11-04: created demo video about how to share your apps. This demo video does also show, how the calendar is shared by the user vpncal
  19. 2023-11-10: created demo video about how to install the VPN Calendar on your Android Phone (DAVx5)
  20. 2023-11-12: created demo video about SOMA - Reserved Directory Names
  21. 2023-11-18: wrote internal newsletter about problems with ownCloud ("Weg mit dem Dreck") - Recommendation: Do not use SOMA for the time being
  22. 2023-12-01: created demo video about how to use TeamSpeak + TeamViewer
  23. 2024-01-27: in the last weeks (including Christmas break), we made DIS and FreeWrl running over the VPN (TODO: Test session with 3 - 4 pple.
  24. 2024-02-01: on our 3rd "Chat Hour", the people h0v36, siebenschlaefer and yeti did a 3 persion test session of elevator3.x3d over our VPN. The person klwr watched via TeamViewer and can confirm it worked.