Project 002 - Setup Tiny VPN Island

Setting Up the Tiny VPN Island (TVI) - I


A VPN shall be configured at our "Tiny vServer".

The VPN shall be compliant to following requirements

Use Cases

This project shall establish following use case(s) of the TVI

  1. TVI-TS: Voice Group Chat (TeamSpeak)
  2. TVI-DIS: IEEE DIS communication via IP Multicast


Wolfgang GLEINSER / Christoph VALENTIN

Name From Until
Christoph VALENTIN 2023-07-01 2024-02-17
Wolfgang GLEINSER 2024-02-18 active

Start Date


End Date

It's done, when it's done.

TODO List (Prioritized)

The TODO List is documented HERE.

Steps (Chronologically)

The Steps are documented HERE.